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Ryan Pratcher-Bey; known artistically as ONLY was born in Baltimore, Maryland and began his journey in Hip Hop culture as early as he could speak. Growing up in West Baltimore and the lingering presence of itís drug and street culture, his love for the elements of Hip Hop and art form of emceeing are ingrained in his spirit. His early influences include, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Ice Cube, N.W.A, LL Cool J, The Notorious BIG and Big Punisher. As the art form evolved so did his passion for studying other forms of music; shown in his stylistic evolution.

In December of 2008, ONLY was diagnosed with Kidney failure and performed regularly while on dialysis and despite his health issues, never lost step in elevating his art. After six years of assessment and compliance for transplant, he received a new kidney on May 22, 2013. In overcoming his physical trials, he began to approach his musical endeavors with greater fervor and a gained broader understanding of his commitments to the culture and the youth. He is a Vice Chapter leader for the Universal Zulu Nation for the Baltimore/DC chapter; participates in the Baltimore City Public school system as a supportive parent and classroom mentor, as well as preserving various communities in Baltimore.

ONLY, as his name suggests is synonymous with Singularity as an Emcee. His combative lyrical style, deceptive rhyme structures and emotional expressions of his experiences make him unrivaled in subject matter and unparalleled in creating a path for his listeners to follow. There is no circumscribing the musical stylings and possibilities for ONLY; his acute concentration in understanding musicology and first hand exchanges in varying styles of music, both regionally specific and abroad. Evidence of his growth and fundamental position as a vanguard in the art form of Emceeing is shown in his recently released album, "Lapis Necklace"; released on Ankh Ba Records. "Lapis Necklace" is a melodic, coarse testimony to the harmony of life that comes through disharmony and growth; solidifying ONLY in his intricate story telling style and immersive concepts.